Process and Application

Which improvements are right for your business?

To help, EnergyWorks can provide a professional building energy analysis. An energy efficiency expert will visit your building, analyze all your energy systems and usage, and make recommendations for the most cost effective ways to cut your costs and increase your building’s value. EnergyWorks will even cover 75% of the cost, up to $10,000!

Apply Now

To apply, just fill out the Initial Financing Request Form and check the box requesting a building analysis. This form will also serve as the basis of your application should you decide to proceed with a loan for your project, but the analysis is yours to keep with no obligation regardless of whether you decide to move forward with a loan or not.

Process: How the EnergyWorks energy loan works.

Step 1. You complete the Initial Financing Request Form.

This form provides our partners, The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), with key information about the project and the applicant. The form also serves as the application for discounted building analysis services. After reviewing the form, TRF and PIDC will contact you to discuss the project and the possible loan.

Download the Initial Financing Request form.

Step 2. Audit.

Step 3. We underwrite the EnergyWorks Loan.

During this step, TRF and PIDC will work with you to collect information needed to fully evaluate financial strength and energy saving potential of the proposed project to ensure the applicant and the project are fiscally sound and the project meets the 25% energy savings goal. Once the loan underwriting is complete, TRF and PIDC will present the loan request to their loan committies and issue a commitment letter.

View application instructions and other important information.

Step 4. Close your loan and start construction.

Once your project is funded, EnergyWorks staff will work with you to make sure that the energy project is implemented as planned, and to collect data on the project so that we can learn more about what works to save you energy.

Download the Initial Financing Request form.

View application instructions and other important information.