Benefits of energy efficiency improvements for commercial building owners.

There are over five million commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the United States. The combined annual energy costs for these buildings is $202.3 billion. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 30% of this is wasted energy. That’s more than $60 billion wasted in energy costs every year—an average of $12,000 per building!

EnergyWorks helps businesses economize energy use, allowing you to bring more of your resources to what you do best while sending a powerful message to your customers that your company is both concerned and cutting edge. Investing in energy saving improvements can help you:

Reduce operating expenses

Energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets. Energy efficiency improvements directly lower operating expenses and mitigate the risk associated with rising energy costs.

Increase property value

Energy efficiency improvements increase net operating income and asset value. According to ENERGY STAR, a 10% decrease in energy use could lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income (NOI), and the potential to increase NOI even more as the energy savings grow. For example, in a 200,000-square foot office building that pays $2 per square foot in energy costs, a 10% reduction in energy consumption can translate into an additional $40,000 of NOI. At a cap rate of 8%, this could mean a potential asset value boost of $500,000!

Increase comfort

Overall energy efficiency improves provide more even heating and cooling, which mean more satisfied tenets and employees. in addition, independent studies prove measureable benefits such as quiet office spaces improve employee productivity, and improvements that increase natural daylighting can lead to decreased absenteeism and higher productivity.

Demonstrate your leadership in sustainability

Energy use in commercial office buildings accounts for almost 20% of the nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Energy saving improvements help businesses reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that help to meet environmental responsibility goals.

Take advantage of tax incentives and rebates

Energy measures that reduce your electricity consumption could be eligible for a rebate from PECO. Check with their Smart Ideas program to learn about potential grants for your project. PGW’S ENERGYSENSE program also has rebates and conservation options. Learn more at Commercial customers of PECO gas in the suburbs are eligible for rebates for boiler and furnace replacements at Energy efficiency projects may also be eligible for federal tax credits such as the energy-efficient commercial buildings tax deduction. Visit the DSIRE website to learn about federal, state and other incentives for your project.